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meg berry

extraordinary gemstone creations

Meg began her pursuit of a career in faceting in 1975, attending Grieger’s Faceting School and eventually working for them. She studied at GIA during this period, and began working in the wholesale trade in Los Angeles in 1978. Meg has been a professional gemstone cutter since then and has cut many famous gems, including more than 100 emeralds from the sunken treasure ship, Atocha.

Meg has been perfecting the art of gem carving since 2000, and it is currently the primary focus of her work, although she regularly is called upon for high profile faceting projects. Lately Meg has been combining faceting and carving on the same gem, in a freehand variation of concave faceting - she calls this her "Next Level" CollectionMeg has won 11 AGTA Spectrum Awards  - 7 for faceting and 4 for carvings.


AGTA spectrum awards

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